Happy Friday! This week has certainly gone by slowly which I feel is in part due to the crazy weather we’ve been having: snow, rain, freezing rain, sunshine. To culminate this crazy week I have rounded up some of my favourite nightstands.

I find when updating a bedroom, people often focus on updating their bed or headboard which can be a serious chunk of change. However, nightstands are such an easy update and can have a huge impact on your space. Even if you have a more contemporary styled bed, don’t be afraid to combine it with a mid-century nightstand or lacquer finished nightstand. These unexpected combinations are what can make your room feel more contemporary or transitional if that’s your style.

Keep functionality in mind when picking out your nightstand. Drawers are always nice because they can hide unwanted clutter. Shelving can allow you to get fancy with some pretty styling. The size of your nightstand will depend on the size of your room but you should consider if you’ll need space to accommodate a lamp, alarm clock etc. If you only have space for a small nightstand, consider wall sconces to free up space on your nightstand.

If I could get new nightstands for my room, I have my eye set on those beauties from RH Teen 🙂

Here are my picks. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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DESIGNER ROUND UP: Kitchen Cabinet Colours

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to design your own kitchen, you’ll know that there are a ton of decisions that need to be made from the colour of your cabinets to the counter top material, counter top colour, sink style, sink material, faucet, hardware, appliances, cabinet style, the list goes on… SO I thought I would provide my top favourite kitchen cabinet colours to help make at least some, or part of the decision process a little easier. Be sure to keep scrolling for pictures.


Vanessa Enns Interiors Designer Round Up Kitchen Cabinet Colours


Benjamin Moore Simply White

This white was the 2016 colour of year and there’s a good reason. Simply White is a soft, warm white that feels clean and is extremely versatile. It is a favourite of mine for baseboards, trim and ceilings. This colour also looks great in a kitchen making it feel bright, airy and crisp. The best part about this white is that it looks great in almost all lighting and with all colour palettes.


Benjamin Moore White Dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove is a warm white that appears creamier. I selected this colour for my own kitchen to provide more warmth to the space. While it might look similar to Simply white in the photos, it does have a slight yellow/grey undertone to provide that creamy colour and is less bright. This colour is  one of the more popular off-whites.


Image via Muti Kitchen and Bath


Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

This colour is a very crisp white. It looks very bright and modern. It is a great option for kitchen cabinetry because it immediately makes the kitchen feel bigger and brighter. It is also great if you have a contrasting colour island or countertop that you really want to make pop.

Image via Muti Kitchen and Bath
Image via Studio McGee


Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter has been a long time favourite wall colour for me. However, it also looks great on cabinetry. I find it to be a really easy greige colour to use because the undertones aren’t too blue, green or purple like some greiges. As a cabinetry colour, it allows you to veer away from the more classic white kitchen while still keeping your space light and bright. I love the combination of white upper cabinets with Revere Pewter painted base cabinets.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.29.55 PM
Image via Alice Lane


Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray

I love this colour. It is a beautiful, rich gray that isn’t too dark. It is considered a warm gray. It looks amazing when paired with a bright white like Simply White. As you can see in the pictures below, it also looks nice paired with either satin nickel or brass hardware and looks great with marble.

Image via Decorpad
Image via Decorpad


Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

Kendall Charcoal is darker than Chelsea Gray if you are looking for a darker colour that is still on the warm side. This colour is also very versatile and pairs well with other shades of white. This shade in a kitchen provides drama and contrast. I would use this colour for base cabinets or for an island.

Image via Decorpad


Kendall Charcoal Island, White Dove Upper Cabinets and Pantry (Image via Muti Kitchen and Bath)
Image via

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Hale Navy is having a moment. It is a very popular paint colour not only for cabinets but for walls as well. It is such a beautiful, rich shade of blue that looks amazing in almost all lighting. It is neither a cool nor warm shade making it an easy shade to work with. Hale Navy allows you to add colour to your space without being overwhelming or too out there. I think that this blue shade is classic enough for a kitchen and you won’t tire of it. It really is the perfect navy.



Benjamin Moore Gray 2121-10

I really love how dark shade of Benjamin Moore Gray 2121-10. If you are looking for drama, this paint colour will offer it. It is a true gray with black undertones so it feels more warm than a gray with blue undertones. I love how it was used in the picture below to add depth and warmth to the kitchen.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.02.34 PM
Image via

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray

Coventry Gray is a medium-gray that is more on the cool side. It is a light, fresh and bright gray colour. It has a slight green-ish/blue-ish undertone to it so make sure to test it out in your lighting.

Image via Decorpad



DESIGN CRUSH: Wendy Word Design

Today I thought I would feature a designer that I discovered through Instagram, Wendy Word Design. The picture that captured my attention was this one here:

Wendy Word - Dining Room

I just love the combination of lighting, chairs and the table. After checking out her site, I was hooked. Wendy Word Design does such a great job at combining both traditional and modern elements in her designs, making the spaces feel warm and welcoming but fresh and contemporary as well. I love her use of white on walls and accessories to add pops of colour.

Here’s some of my favourite spaces that she’s designed. Enjoy!




I was feeling extra girly today so thought I would share some of my favourite ultra-feminine decor pieces. Feminine pieces don’t have to be super frilly, floral and ornate. They can be bold, beautiful and modern as well. What I love so much about brass and rose gold being as popular as it is now is that it adds an edge to what could otherwise feel like overly traditional feminine pieces.

I hope you enjoy my picks!

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