Happy Friday! This week has certainly gone by slowly which I feel is in part due to the crazy weather we’ve been having: snow, rain, freezing rain, sunshine. To culminate this crazy week I have rounded up some of my favourite nightstands.

I find when updating a bedroom, people often focus on updating their bed or headboard which can be a serious chunk of change. However, nightstands are such an easy update and can have a huge impact on your space. Even if you have a more contemporary styled bed, don’t be afraid to combine it with a mid-century nightstand or lacquer finished nightstand. These unexpected combinations are what can make your room feel more contemporary or transitional if that’s your style.

Keep functionality in mind when picking out your nightstand. Drawers are always nice because they can hide unwanted clutter. Shelving can allow you to get fancy with some pretty styling. The size of your nightstand will depend on the size of your room but you should consider if you’ll need space to accommodate a lamp, alarm clock etc. If you only have space for a small nightstand, consider wall sconces to free up space on your nightstand.

If I could get new nightstands for my room, I have my eye set on those beauties from RH Teen 🙂

Here are my picks. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Vanessa Enns Interiors Friday Favourites Nightstands
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