I was feeling extra girly today so thought I would share some of my favourite ultra-feminine decor pieces. Feminine pieces don’t have to be super frilly, floral and ornate. They can be bold, beautiful and modern as well. What I love so much about brass and rose gold being as popular as it is now is that it adds an edge to what could otherwise feel like overly traditional feminine pieces.

I hope you enjoy my picks!

Vanessa Enns Interiors Friday Favourites Feminine Touches
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Welcome and Friday Favourites: Dining Room Edition

So I finally got around to actually posting something. I originally intended to start this blog at the beginning of the year, and we are now 2 weeks in so I’m just a tad late!

Anyways, I have started this blog to share my favourite interior designs, trends, etc. so I hope you like it and follow along.

For my first post, I’ve conjured up a couple of my favourite items for a mid-century inspired Dining Room. Enjoy!

Vanessa Enns Interiors Friday Favourites
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1. I absolutely love this table from West Elm. The curved brass legs make this table feel historic yet contemporary at the same time.

2. This mid-century buffet from West Elm (in Acorn) brings in a more natural element to any space. (Added bonus: it’s on sale!)

3. This bistro globe chandelier from Restoration Hardware is so unique with the combination of black and bronze and the globe shaped glass shades.

4. I love a good upholstered chair, especially one that looks comfortable to sit in. The wood mid-century chair legs make it more interesting than your standard upholstered dining room chair.

5. This is my all time favourite rug right now. It is from Caitlin Wilson design. I love the bright unexpected colours in this traditional rug design. (The runner version of this rug looks great in an all white kitchen)